Light fog shawl-etola

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Soft scarf made special for you
By wearing it you will feel a wonderful touch of tenderness. You won't want to take it off and it will also provide warmth and comfort. 

  • Polish product, handmade
  • Created on a manual machine by craftsmen in Warmia
  • Shawl made of the highest quality yarn (does not bite, pleasant to touch, skin-friendly)
  • We make sure that every product is tailored to your needs
  • Shawls friendly to our planet - we do not use electricity or generate waste in production (we use the raw materials until the end)

Scarves are light and airy, but they are warm, you can use them in different ways: as etola, a cape, a classic shawl, a hood.  


Length : 160 cm
Width : 80 cm

20% wool, 20% cotton, 20% viscose 40% acrylic

We recomended handwash with liquid for sweaters at 30 degrees.


  • Bardzo praktyczna rzecz, noszę jako etolę ale i jako szal lub narzutkę jak mi zimno.
    Elżbieta (2022-04-22)
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  • Kupiłam etole do sukni wieczorowej. Świetnie się też sprawdza jako szal.
    Kasia (2022-02-15)
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