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Founder and desiger of You by Tokarska


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You by Tokarska is a clothing brand created by Agnieszka Tokarska, an outstanding Polish fashion designer, winner of many fashion competitions. Agnieszka has collaborated with well-known designers in the industry, such as Izabela Łapińska, and her collections are featured in the most famous fashion magazines, appear in commercials, celebrity sessions and on catwalks. Our brand was created out of love for women. All products are inspired by their sensitivity, delicacy and naturalness. 

We have been creating with passion and taking care of every, even the smallest detail, since 2010. We want our cardigans to accompany you for years, which is why we sew limited series and timeless cuts. Products in which each of you - regardless of age, body type, and fashion beliefs - will feel understood, beautiful and unique.

Each item that leaves the workshop is under the full control of the designer, therefore it has the highest quality with attention to detail.


Wrap yourself up with the cuddliest cardigans you've ever felt.
Touch it! Feel it!
Our answer is softness, fineness and love at first sight.

Apart from the fact that we create our products with passion, we take care of every detail! Cardigans are tailored to your needs. And we make every effort to make you feel this softness and uniqueness on your own skin! Your needs are very important to us! Do you dream of shorter sleeves? A different color? Nothing is impossible for us. 

You by Tokarska is not fash
ion, clothes and accessories only, it is primarily the cooperation with local craftsmen, caring for the planet and people. The entire cycle of creating our products runs within the spirit of #slowfashion #ecofriendly #zerowaste and thanks to that we know we have a real impact on the world.