In elementary school I was asked - What is your dream profession? Who will you be when you grow up?
Even then I had no doubts - I wanted to be a designer. I was lucky that my "schoolmate", Agnieszka, had the right dimensions, she was my first inspiration and a patient model.

Dreams turned into passion. Another extremely important decision in my life was the choice of high school - without hesitation I decided on the Clothing Technical School. I was convinced that a designer should know how to sew.
After graduating from technical high school, I intended to enroll in design studies. It turned out that art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts required a folder with works.

Although I learned to sew, not to paint, I didn't give up so quickly. I started attending art and drawing classes. Unfortunately - I lacked determination and support, I did not believe in my own strength. In the end, I didn't apply to my dream university.
I got admitted to study in Chrzanów, at the branch of the Krakow University of Economics, majoring in Commodity and Customs Science, where I finished my bachelor's degree, and I got my master's degree in Product Quality Management in Krakow at the same University of Economics.

After graduation, I took my first job.
It should be added that in Silesia, where I lived, unemployment reached 25% at that time and no one wanted to take on a young mother with no experience.

I was extremely determined and stubborn, I worked in a construction depot, as a housemaid, I sold windows.
Then came offers closer to my heart. I took a job in a clothing factory and a shop selling sewing machines.

Finally, I managed to get to the Reporter clothing company where I spent 7 years.
At Reporter, I started with the production department.
After some time, my knowledge and determination were appreciated and I was offered the position of a designer.

My business trip to China - 2008

It was a great happiness, finally I felt that my lifelong dream came true.

Already working as a designer in Reporter, I wanted to broaden my professional knowledge and enrolled in the School of Fashion Design in Krakow. I was 32 at the time but I wasn't the oldest student in the year ;).

At the end of school, I presented my diploma at the Gryf Fashion Show in Szczecin and won it!
The graduation collection was called "My China" and was inspired by my professional travels to China.
I loved the work of Alexander McQueen back then.
At this stage, I had not yet seen that I would create my own brand and design mainly sweaters for women (...)

Griffin Fashion Show - 2010


Graduation collection ..My China"
Photographer: Edyta Potrząsaj