Although I worked in a commercial company and I knew what sold and what the average customer liked, I felt that for my diploma collection to exist in SAPU, it must do the so-called WOW!

It was also a great moment to give vent to what is playing in my soul, not looking at the requirements of customers and their preferences, it was supposed to be only MINE.

So I created the collection "My China" under the wonderful eye of professor Bogusława Nastaborska, inspired by professional travels. I used Spanish silk with viscose inserts glued with a stiffener. I also designed shoes that we made together with a shoemaker from the same fabric.


The inspiration for the entire collection was the Chinese QIPAO dress, lanterns, headgear of Buddhist monks from Nepal,
and birds that the Chinese willingly breed and take for walks.

This was China seen through my eyes.

The whole thing from designing to making these 8 silhouettes took half a year and cost me several paychecks,
but it gave me many opportunities (...)

My inspirations ✨

Quipao dress
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Headdresses of Buddhist monks from Nepal
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Birds on walk
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