Have you ever wondered under what conditions the clothes you wear were made? Those that touch your skin every day, wrap it around, wrap it up, warm it up, are closest to you.

Our collections are based on sustainable development.


We design based not only on high-quality materials, the experience of local craftsmen, and hand-made finishing but above all bearing in mind the good of our planet.

The You by Tokarska brand is created with a unique and ethical perspective, in which the history of the products is fundamental to its definition as a "slow fashion" brand. Our products use local and national endogenous, artisanal and industrial resources.

We are constantly looking for inspiration on how to create and produce designer items with the history that will be used in everyday life.


How we care for sustainable development:

- Our projects are designed to minimize material losses.

- Most of the products are made on manual machines by craftsmen from Warmia.

- In production, we do not use electricity and we do not generate waste

- Bags and toiletry bags are made of unused scraps of leather from a furniture factory.

- Our commitment as a company is to apply sustainable and ecological practices in the You By Tokarska business culture, thus minimizing the impact of economic activities on the environment, as well as alerting people about how they consume, changing habits, and mentality.

- We have close relationships with the suppliers of the raw materials that we use to manufacture our products.

- We operate in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement - fulfilling all payments to the state, including social security, finances, and taxes in accordance with the Working Conditions Office. We only work with companies that adhere to and respect the rules imposed by the Polish state in the field of work safety, social security, and finance.